Course Overview

Our relationships can be the reason for our happiness and well-being or the cause of our suffering and misery. In order to have a long-lasting loving relationship,  one must have a strong,  healthy sense of “Self-worth”. In other words,  self-worth is an elixir of success in relationships which is why we believe learning this course is so essential and necessary. 

What does this class teach you?

This recorded workshop is an in-depth course in relationships that can transform your relationship with yourself and others. And it can help you to understand the root cause of some of your repetitive, and major problems in relationships. 

In this course you will learn:

– what a healthy relationship looks like

-how to form loving and long-lasting relationships

-attachment styles in children and adults and how they shape our relationships

– restore your own relationship with yourself

– understand the root cause of your insecurities

– feel valued and appreciated in your relationships

– be able to prioritise your needs

Who is this class for?

We  absolutely believe that anybody could benefit from attending this class; however, this class might especially be beneficial if you can relate to any of the following challenges :

-Do you feel insecure in your relationships?

-Are you always on edge?

-Do you find yourself putting your partner’s needs before yours?

-Do you find it hard to be yourself around them?

-Do you feel that your partner might leave you for someone else?

-Do you find it hard to trust your partner?

-Do you tend to check your partner’s phone and constantly call them when they aren’t with you?

-Do you need constant reassurance from your partner?

-Do you find it hard to accept compliments?

-Do you feel you are not good enough to be loved or to find love?

-Do you feel that your negative self-image is stopping you from forming the right relationships and maintaining them? Or is it perhaps making you settle for less?

If any of the above sounds familiar, then this course is for you.

This workshop is recoded, and is available for purchase in the video format. Once you click to pay, there is a form that asks for your email, after the payment is completed, you will receive a password and a link in your email to watch this recorded workshop. 

Course details

    1. Power of Self-worth in Relationships

Course details

  • 280.00 د.إ
  • 2 hours of video content

An empathetic integrative psychotherapist with an extensive background in psychotherapy, Trauma therapy, neuroscience, NLP, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy.
Nawar Sourij holds a Master’s degree in “Integrative Psychotherapy” from Birmingham City university in the UK and a Bachelor’s degree in neuroscience from Leeds University.

Her clients describe her as an exceptional psychotherapist whose sessions have transformed their lives.
The combination of her deep knowledge in psychotherapy and neuroscience in addition to many years of experience in the field has enabled her to become an outstanding psychotherapist, relationship expert, trauma therapist and speaker.

She has delivered multiple classes on various concepts in psychotherapy and facilitated a great number of workshops, retreats and seminars around the world.
She is familiar and has worked with a diverse group of people from all nationalities and backgrounds.
In her approach she is open-minded, scientific and compassionate. She is a licensed member of the “UK council of psychotherapy” (UKCP).

Workshop Format: Recorded Workshop (Video Course)

Duration: 2 hours

Cost: AED 280

For questions or support, please contact: [email protected]

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