Course Overview

The decision of choosing a right life partner is one of life’s most important decisions. It will impact our mental wellbeing, physical health, our psychospiritual development , social life and all other areas of our lives. 

Psychology demonstrates that we can educate ourselves to make conscious decisions in choosing the right life partner and increase our chances of having healthier and more meaningful relationships.  

However, oftentimes  most of us go through life without receiving the right knowledge or training on making one of life’s most important decisions; and that is how to choose the right partner. 

This workshop can help you discover what criteria you should consider in order to choose the right life partner .

In this course you will be learning:  

PART 1:  

-What subconsciously guides us in choosing our partners? 

-Moving from "in love" to "loving", from fantasy to reality: three basic drives of love and desire. 

-Developmental stages : how our early interactions with our parents impact our relationships and our choices in partner selection.

-Life-script and family patterns / attitudes that we do not question until conflict arises.

- An analysis of our current relationship: which collusive / projective type we are.

PART 2:  

- What to be mindful of when choosing our partners?  

- Key areas of compatibility: cultural background, religion, gender roles, children, intimacy, finances, friends and family, holidays and housing 

- Personality differences: affection, feelings, needs, giving, order, money, language   

- Intimacy and autonomy -relational needs according to integrative psychotherapy

Who is this course for?

  • Those who want to make a conscious decision in choosing the right partner. ( Create loving healthy relationships)

  • Individuals who have not yet met the right partner, but are striving to find the one.

  • Those who are confused and frustrated with their relationships.

  • Parents, mentors, coaches , psychotherapists, healers and those who are in the field of mental health and wellness.

  • Those who are interested in exploring what has driven them to their current or previous partner from a psychological viewpoint.

Course details

    1. Welcome to Bright Shift

    2. What to look for in a partner?

About this course

  • 395.00 د.إ
  • 2.5 hours of video content

About the Instructor

The course is designed and taught by Katarina K Valentini- an Integrative psychotherapist, psychotherapist trainer and author.

Katarina K Valentini is a qualified integrative-relational psychotherapist, a psychotherapist trainer, and a life coach.

She specializes in narcissistic, borderline and depressive disorders, and is also qualified to work with other psychological problems and needs.

Katarina has been providing counseling to individuals, couples and groups, and she organizes personal development workshops and training programs around the world.

In her work, she integrates traditional psychotherapy techniques with other techniques and methods such as Brainspotting, EMDR, Mindfulness, yoga and meditation. As an integrative-relational therapist, she focuses on the therapeutic alliance between the therapist and the clients, and tailors the therapeutic approach to each individual's or group's needs.

Katarina is also an author, and a yoga instructor. She is accustomed to and familiar with so many cultures and traditions around the world. She speaks in 7 different languages and provides therapy in English, Italian, Slovenian and French.

She is an EAP-certified (European Association of Psychotherapy) and an IIPA-certified psychotherapist (International Integrative Psychotherapy Association). For questions or support, please contact: [email protected]

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